• Pre-Registration Sign-Up Form.

    Please review the following information before proceeding to our Online Group/Church Pre-Registration Sign-Up form.
    Last Updated: September 28 2022

    Cost and Requirements:

    • The current total cost per registrant is: $160.00
      • Early-Bird Registration Cost: $160.00 (October 1-7)
      • Standard Registration Cost: $175 (October 8 - December 15)
      • Late Registration Cost: $200 (December 16 - Weekend Date)
    • The hosting facility may have optional activities and concessions at an additional cost.
    • The MidWinter Advance may have optional merchandise available during the weekend at an additional cost.
    • All youth must fall between the following: 6th grade to Post-Graduate.
    • Due to limited space at our hosting facility we are unable to accommodate children of registrants.

    Securing space for your group:

    • Securing reservations for your group is as simple as filling out our online Pre-Registration form (below) and paying your deposit.
    • Upon receipt, we will send you an email confirming your group's registration. (You can always contact the Registrar, directly, through our online web form.)
    • Group pre-registration and receipt of deposit are required to secure spaces for your group.


    • A $75.00 per registrant deposit is required to hold each spot.
    • Weekend reservations are not confirmed until the deposit is received.
    • Your group's Male/Female grade-level breakdowns are due 3 (three) weeks prior to your weekend.
      • Failure to provide grade-level breakdown within timeframe may incur additional costs.
    • Signed 2023 Registration forms are due upon arrival, at check-in.


    • The MidWinter Advance makes commitments to our hosting facility based on your committed number. Please notify us of any changes to your group's registration as soon as possible!
      • Additions to your final count can usually be accommodated, but are handled on a first come, first serve basis.
      • Subtractions to your final count are NON-REFUNDABLE.
    • Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

    Final Payment:

    • Final payments will be calculated by the number of confirmed spots registered minus the deposits received.
    • Your final balance and due date will be communicated by the Registrar


    • Check-In begins at 7:00pm on the Friday of your scheduled weekend.
    • Your final payment and ALL SIGNED Registration forms are due at this time.
    • Failure to provide a legally signed 2023 Registration form will result in the registrant being turned away.

    Payment Details:

    • Credit card payments are accepted, but are subject to a processing fee.
      • Please indicate this payment type on the Pre-Registration form.
    • Payment must be made for the entire group; not individual registrants.
    • If paying by check, ONE check should be written for your group; do not mail individual checks from registrants.
      • Please make your check out to: MidWinter Advance
    • Our Registrar will contact you regarding your balance, due date, and payment selection.

    Dismissal for Incident:

    • All participants are required to follow the conduct guidelines of the MidWinter Advance and hosting facility.
    • All financial burdens of a participant dismissed from the weekend rest solely upon his/her group. No refunds will be given in such circumstances.

    Liability Insurance:

    • Every group is required to provide proof of liability insurance sufficient to cover any injuries incurred by its participants.
    • The MidWinter Advance is not financially responsible for any physical injuries received while attending the weekend.