MWA Mission Trip 2023

The MWA short-term mission experience creates the framework for a youth's interaction with a different culture and/or socio-economic background. The focus is on the "be" and the youth's relationships vertically with their heavenly Father and horizontally with the community they are engaging. Not the "do." This does not mean there is no "do," but it is secondary to relationship building, learning, and experience.

This allows for a focused, intentional time …
• Where youth can ask God to open their hearts to the plight of the poor and marginalized and/or someone from a different faith or worldview.
• When a youth's theology or how they see the world is shaken to the core, challenged, deconstructed, and reconstructed by the Holy Spirit.
• Where a child can discern a vocation more deeply on the margins no matter where they may end up.
The emphasis is on the youth pursuing communion over practicality in the mission trip locations where we serve alongside local churches and ministries.

Youth will be serving alongside local churches and ministries through children's ministry, work projects, homeless outreach, and community events, in addition to the specific focus of a location.

Maneadero, Mexico

Dates: July 8-15, 2023
Where You'll Serve:
Our work in Baja will be centered on the 25,000-person town of Maneadero, a bustling agriculture community about 120 minutes south of San Diego and Santo Tomas, about 10 miles south of where the Oasis Boys Home ministry is located.

How You'll Serve:
Home building project. During the week, your team will construct a new home for a family in the Maneadero region. A Mexican supervisor will supervise the home kit, and each person on your team will be able to contribute to the construction. At the end of the week, your team will lead a small ceremony as you hand the keys to the new house to the family living there. *A $15K donation will be necessary to build a home for a family

Ministry to Migrant families. Migrant families follow work throughout Mexico as it is needed. Their kids travel with them but spend many hours hanging out in migrant camps as their parents work. Your team will be able to spend time with these kids by playing games, doing crafts, and teaching them about Jesus.

Work with Church and School. Over the past several years, several churches have been planted and schools built. During the week, your group can work with this church on an outreach program that will allow it to grow and sustain itself in its local community.

Oasis Boy's Home. Oasis Boy's Home is in Santo Tomas, just south of Maneadero. Your team will have a chance to visit the home and work with the boys that are currently residents of the home.

Where You'll Stay:
The Encuentro Missions Base offers a comfortable bunkhouse setting inside a gated property. It includes individual showers, eating facilities, and plenty of space to plan and debrief. On the property are a fire pit and comfortable places to sit back and interact with other team members.

** Maneadero is a place that works for the first time on a mission trip to a place where you can partner for several years and see the growth of the people you are connecting to.

Cost: $699.00 + flight + on the ground transportation