Weekend Schedule

*Changes for MidWinter Advance 2019

Friday Night

   7:00pm-9:00pmArrival/ Sign in at Raws
   9:00pm-10:00pmAssembly in Auditorium LIVE (WHEN POSSIBLE)
   10:15pm-10:45pmDiscussion Groups led by College Team
   11:00pmSharing Time with Youth Group
   11:30pmIn Rooms, Quiet Time from 11:30pm-7:00am
   MidnightLights Out!


   *8:00am-9:15amBreakfast in Raws
   *9:30am-10:45amAssembly in Auditorium
   *11:00am-11:40amCollege Team Discussion Time / Workshop 1
   *11:45am-12:25pmCollege Team Discussion Time / Workshop 2
   12:30pmYouth Group Sharing Time
   1:00pmLunch in Raws
   1:50pm-2:30pmCounselor and Team Meeting
   2:30pm-5:00pmTournaments, Games, Swimming (Free Time)
   6:00pmDinner in Raws
   7:00pm-8:15pm"The Happening!" in Chapel LIVE (WHEN POSSIBLE)
   8:30pm-10:30pmAssembly in the Auditorium LIVE (WHEN POSSIBLE)
   10:30pm-10:55pmSnacks in Gym
   11:00pmSharing Time with youth groups
   MidnightLights Out!


   7:30am-8:00amSharing Time with College Team
   8:00am-9:00amBreakfast in Raws
   9:00amClean-up Time
   9:30amWorship Service in Auditorium
   10:45amSharing Time with Youth Group
   11:30amBag Lunch pick-up
   12:00pmDeparture for home (All groups must leave the Keswick premises)

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Weekend Availability

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 Weekend is Full
 Accepting Registrations
 Accepting Registrations

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