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    Please review the following information before proceeding to our Online Group/Church Pre-Registration Sign-Up form, below
    Last Updated: September 07 2015

    Cost and Requirements:

    The cost is $120.00 per registrant.
    The hosting facility may have optional activities and concessions at an additional cost.
    The Mid Winter Advance may have optional merchandise available during the weekend at an additional cost.
    All youth must fall between the following: 6th grade to Post-Graduate.
    Due to limited space at our hosting facility we are unable to accommodate children of registrants.

    Securing space for your group:

    Securing reservations for your group is as simple as filling out our online Pre-Registration form (below) and sending in your deposit. Upon receipt, we will send you an email confirming your group's registration. (You can always contact the Registrar, directly, through our online web form.)
    Group pre-registration and receipt of deposit are required to secure spaces for your group.


    A $35 per registrant deposit is required to hold each spot.
    Weekend reservations are not confirmed until the deposit is received.
    Your group's Male/Female grade-level breakdowns are due 2 weeks prior to your weekend.
    Signed 2019 Registration forms are due upon arrival, at check-in.


    The Mid Winter Advance makes commitments to our hosting facility based on your committed number. Please notify us of any changes to your group's registration as soon as possible.
    Deposits are transferable, but are NON-REFUNDABLE.

    Final Payment:

    Final payments will be calculated by the number of confirmed spots registered minus the deposits received.
    Your final balance is due upon arrival, at check-in.


    Check-In begins at 7:00pm on the Friday of your scheduled weekend.
    Your final payment and ALL SIGNED Registration forms are due at this time.
    Failure to provide a legally signed 2019 Registration form will result in the registrant being turned away.

    Payment Details:

    We cannot take credit card payments. One check should be written from your group; do not mail individual checks from registrants.
    Please make your check out to: Mid Winter Advance
    Our Registrar will contact you regarding the mailing address.

    Dismissal for Incident:

    All participants are required to follow the conduct guidelines of the Mid Winter Advance and hosting facility.
    All financial burdens of a participant dismissed from the weekend rest solely upon his/her group. No refunds will be given in such circumstances.

    Liability Insurance:

    Every group is required to provide proof of liability insurance sufficient to cover any injuries incurred by its participants.
    The Mid Winter Advance is not financially responsible for any physical injuries received while attending the weekend.

    Registration Opens: 11/01/2019

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